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B2B Website Design

Pilot Fish provides best-of-breed website design and redesign services that yield professional web sites for B2B and industrial companies seeking to generate leads or conduct business online.

With more than 20 years' experience working with a wide variety of businesses, Pilot Fish’s experienced staff recognizes that not only should your website look good, but it also must be optimized for search engine positioning and must deliver compelling content to get site visitors to act.

Every B2B website design or redesign project integrates SEO from the start and factors search engine optimization into every element of the website redesign process, including:

  • Identifying keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your site;
  • Developing an appropriate wire frame or site map that positions your most important content where customers can find it;
  • Creating an attractive, custom website design that visually communicates what your company does;
  • Writing appropriate content that informs your prospects and entices them to contact you;
  • Implementing state-of-the-art technologies that showcase your company rather than distract users from what you want them to do.

We’re particularly adept at providing insight and guidance into the best way to present your B2B or industrial company online for maximum exposure and positive response.

We have an experienced technical staff that can deliver effective, custom, B2B websites utilizing a variety of technologies, including:

  • Open-sourced CMS platforms, including Joomla, DNN and Wordpress
  • Custom website programming
  • Client side coding – Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Server side coding – ASP, CGI, Java, PHP, .NET
  • Database Technology- My SQL

Each B2B website design or redesign is customized to meet your company's needs and complement your overall marketing strategy.  Above all, our custom website designs are user friendly, download quickly, and are developed to provide a maximum return on investment.

View samples of our industrial and B2B website design and redesign work below.

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