By Angela Charles on Monday, 08 June 2015
Category: Industrial Website Design

Pilot Fish celebrates 20th anniversary of Internet marketing excellence

We were there at
the forefront and
continue to offer
our clients SEO
expertise derived
from many years of
practical experience.

My, how time flies when you’re having fun!  Pilot Fish is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our parent company, Polysort LLC, founded in 1995 as the first online portal for the plastics and rubber industry.

I’m proud to say that I was one of the portal’s founding members, along with other former staffers from trade publication Plastics News.

We felt that the Internet was the perfect medium to build an industry resource that, in comparison to print, would free us from the limitations of deadlines and space. 

It also created the need for a different business model than reliance on advertising revenue.

Very few companies had websites in 1995, so helping plastics and rubber companies build their online presence became our revenue model,which exists to this day.

Our original site,, continues to provide an extensive directory of plastics and rubber companies, including raw material companies, machinery companies, processors and related services.

Pilot Fish became our website development and SEO arm, providing Internet marketing services not only to plastics and rubber companies, but also to other industrial businesses in a variety of markets, including medical, packaging, woodworking, construction products, chemical, machinery and more.    

In addition to website development, our company provided ‘online promotion,’ which with the launch of Google in 1998, introduced a whole new marketing segment called search engine optimization. We were there at the forefront and continue to offer our clients SEO expertise derived from many years of practical experience.

Read our press release for more information about Polysort/Pilot Fish’s 20th anniversary.

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