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15 Tips for Better Password Protection

Do not store your passwords or master password in your email, or, on your computer in a text file, even if that text file is password protected.

Password protection is a crucial part of cyber security that not only impacts the security of business websites, but also personal information for anyone using the Internet.

Yet, many of us don’t take it as seriously as we should. The convenience and expediency of using easy-to-remember passwords, or, not changing passwords for a long period of time will, sooner or later, compromise your online security. Despite the risks, we have all been guilty of this.

As hackers continue to become more and more sophisticated in their means of stealing information our risks will continue to increase. Although there is no guarantee of a completely fail-safe solution, there are a number of things that you can do to drastically lower the risk of password theft and the catastrophe that could follow.

  1. Do not use the same password for more than one account login.
    If hackers get ahold of a password from one account, they can get into all of your accounts with that same password.
  2. Use a password manager.
    Use a password manager to help generate secure, random passwords that you won’t have to remember on your own, except for one very secure master password. Once you are logged in with the master password, some password managers will automatically, and securely, fill in your hard-to-remember passwords for you.
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Striking a Blow against Hackers and Cybercrime

By 2020, we'll need 1.5 million more information security professionals.

You can always count on Pilot Fish for some useful B2B SEO tips, insightful commentary on Google updates or user-friendly website design strategies.

But we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming today to talk about something a little farther afield yet still important: cybersecurity and the need to recruit more women to fill rolls in that industry.

Pilot Fish is a woman-owned business, but encouraging women to enter cybersecurity isn’t a stance of political correctness. It’s been predicted that by the year 2020 (just three years from now), the world will need 1.5 million more information security professionals, and simple statistics dictate that men won’t be able to fill all of those positions.

Since it’s unlikely that the flora and fauna of our world will be taught to code by then, women are going to have to fill the gap. To that end, ESET is offering a $5,000 scholarship to a woman who’s pursuing a college-level degree and desires to join the cybersecurity field.

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