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The Pilot Fish staff is a team of SEO and website design experts that has been with our company for many years, developing industrial marketing expertise that we're always glad to share.

More B2B SEO Tips to Give Your Website a Competitive Edge

SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools in industrial marketing.

Our previous blog post outlined 7 B2B SEO tips for 2017, and we thought we’d take this week to provide some additional ideas on how your company can hone its search engine optimization to increase rankings, boost site traffic and increase qualified leads.

SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools in industrial marketing, and the following tips can help you get the best return possible on your internet marketing investment.

Be Friendly and Responsive

Google’s decision to give ranking priority to websites that show up well on mobile devices is a curse – and a blessing. Making sure your site is responsive and that it operates properly on all types of devices is just one more task added to the ever-growing list of demands for companies. But it also can be a great way to differentiate your website from your competitors’ and gain an edge over those companies that haven’t yet gone mobile-friendly with their websites.

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Google’s Move to Mobile-First Rankings Affects 2017 SEO Strategy

Mobile-friendliness is now part of Google’s complex SEO algorithm

It’s a mobile-first world now – whether you actually use your own phone for web searches or not – and your B2B website needs to adjust to today’s reality if you hope for SEO success in 2017.

When the Internet was new, there were only desktop computers, and so all the search engines viewed and ranked websites based on how they looked and operated on a desktop computer.

But now, with most Google searches being performed on mobile devices, Google has decided to begin viewing websites from a mobile perspective, meaning all searches, even those performed on desktop computers, will return results that prioritize sites built in responsive design. 

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9 Blogging Tips for B2B SEO Success

A good source of topics is your customer service or sales staff.

We’re always encouraging our clients to create and regularly post to blogs for their B2B websites. Blogs are a great way to keep a site updated and fresh, which is an important factor in how the search engines rank websites.

But just because it’s a great idea, that doesn’t mean that it’s also easy to implement. One of the biggest obstacles our clients cite is not having anything to write about.

Good topics for corporate blogs are actually everywhere – you just need to know where to find them. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:

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SEO News: Google Mobile Algorithm Update coming in May, and More…

Sites that are not responsive (mobile friendly) will likely see a greater decline in mobile search rankings in spite of other SEO efforts.

Last Spring big news hit the SEO world of a mobile search algorithm update from Google tagged Mobilegeddon. We wrote about it here: “How Well Did Your Website Weather Google’s Stormy Spring?”

Well, Spring has sprung again, and we have new storms upon us. The mobile algorithm is expected to gain some strength come May. This means that sites that are not responsive (mobile friendly) will likely see a greater decline in mobile search rankings in spite of other SEO efforts.

So if you’re website hasn’t been updated to be mobile friendly, it may be time to start that project if you’re concerned about SEO performance. According to studies by comScore, desktop search queries peaked in 2013, and have been falling since as mobile use has climbed. A review of your site’s Google Analytics can help determine if your company should consider the move to responsive design to improve its mobile search results.

The landscape is changing too. Google continues to tweak how it displays paid ads and organic search results. Ads have been removed from the right-hand column of Google’s search results pages.  

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20 Years of Internet Marketing Excellence Embodied in 1 Person: Angie Charles

You likely read Angela Charles’ June blog post about our parent company’s 20th anniversary. However, you may or may not have noticed Angie’s passing mention of being one of the founding members of our original portal, polysort.com.

… which means this year is also the 20th anniversary of Angie’s employment with our company. In fact, it was exactly 20 years ago today – September 18, 1995 – that Angie joined Polysort, more commonly called Pilot Fish now.

During most of that time, she’s served as our company president, keeping Pilot Fish on track as an ethical, highly regarded – and highly successful – provider of website design, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. You can read about Angie’s accomplishments in her Pilot Fish bio or on her LinkedIn account.

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